Security Policy Statement stating the company’s commitment to comply

The Corporate Security Policy sets forth our mission to exceed expectations in the implementation of and compliance with our internal security standards. We aim to deliver value to our customers by providing the fastest most reliable services without exposing them or ourselves to security related risks. Security is the vital element of our service and key to the success of the company. Everyone in the organization is responsible for taking the necessary precautions that will safeguard consignments and assets entrusted to our care. We must therefore create secure environments that can be trusted by our customers and other stakeholders as well as the national regulatory bodies.

Trade Compliance Policy Statement

  • If there is no appropriate license for items, no shipping should be executed.
  • If there is any suspicious sign of Red Flag, we must stop the shipping process and check.
  • License application will be done by Shipper/Exporter only.
  • If there is no Compliance, there will be No Sales or shipping.
  • We will do our best to Train, Review and Audit Export Control Compliance yearly.

Quality Assurance Policy Statement

We will consistently provide high quality and effective services that exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers and society through the pursuit of continued quality improvement. (27 Nov 2019)

Business Continuity Management Policy Statement

"K" Line Logistics (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. is committed to implementing Business Continuity Management("BCM").

We strive to develop a BCM system to improve company-wide resilience in the event of significant business disruption.

We shall prepare and maintain Business Continuity Plans("BCP") to ensure that we can regain operational capability and continue to deliver our critical products and services, so far as it is reasonably practicable, when faced with an emergency.