Our Vision

Our Vision

"K" LINE LOGISTICS (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. was established in June 26, 1987 as subsidiary of "K" Line Logistics Ltd., Tokyo Japan.


Along with our customers, we endeavour to ensure the achievement of competitive advantage by providing you with only logistics excellence.


We a forwarder operating in the global arena, and playing a major role in logistics business of the "K" Line Group, our aim is to be a Total Logistics Solution Provider with Air Cargo as our traditional and core business. With each of us firmly devoted to always pursue greater improvement in customer satisfaction and also maintain a strong field-oriented stance in our handling of air/sea cargo, SCM and passengers, we aspire to be a group of professionals who provide highest quality of services utilizing KLL's well established global networks, thereby contributing to the realization of a more affluent life for humanity worldwide and creating enterprise culture whereby all the staff can share pride and hope for the future.